Top 5 the best holiday destinations

Dinant, Belgium

Dinant is becoming the queen of Instagram, one of Europe's trendiest destinations. This charming city located in the south of Belgium has nothing to envy to other major Belgian tourist destinations such as the sublime city of Bruges or the vibrant and sparkling city of Antwerp.

As soon as you get to Dinant the panorama will captivate you: the River Meuse and the rocks frame this beautiful postcard. Visit its Collegiate church, get to the top of Dinant by funicular and discover the Citadel, a fortress that offers magnificent views of the River Meuse and one of the most beautiful valleys in Europe. Enjoy mussels and chips on the Croisette and do not miss the "Leffe Blonde". This famous beer is indeed brewed here by the monks of Our Lady of Leffe‘ Abbey just a few hundred metres from Dinant.

Dinant is also a city of adventure, gastronomy and history. Visit the house of the inventor of the saxophone, Adolphe Saxe who was born here and you will realize how much Dinant has influenced the history of music and Jazz. For a total experience, walk through the door of a bakery and buy a "Couque de Dinant". This incredible honey cookie is as hard as wood and will not fit into any cup of coffee but its taste is incomparable! These biscuits represent emblematic places of the city or motifs such as wild boars, fish, flowers, landscapes... Strong bet that you will not succeed in finishing the biscuit by the end of your city break in Dinant! Speaking of betting, Dinant also has a new Casino. Anyway, be sure to leave the city richer with lovely memories. In summer treat yourself to ‘frissons’ down the back with a kayak tour down the river Lesse and be stunned by a magnificent view of the Walzin castle as you paddle down one of Belgium’s most beautiful river.

Athens, Greece

Sun, gastronomy, culture, nightlife, monuments, the sea, a blue sky…Welcome to Athens, one of the best destinations in Europe! Athens is in the top 15 destinations every year and all year through it attracts European travellers in search of their roots but also travellers from all over the world.

The city is historic and is the cradle of European philosophy. Athens is both steeped in history and focused on modernity and tomorrow’s cultural and economic issues. Travellers love its architecture, the district of Plaka, monuments, gastronomy, trendy shops but also its nightlife; its proximity to the sea (15 minutes away from downtown) makes it very attractive too. A city of paradoxes and great contrasts, in the country that first invented the courtesy and generosity towards people who are far from their home.

Most travellers appreciate the inhabitants of Athens who share, heart on hand, their gastronomical and touristic treasures.

Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor is definitely the trendiest destination in Europe. Kotor is authentic, charming, breathtaking. The city is perfect for a relaxing stay, for gourmets, for lovers but also for fans of hiking, history, culture.

Kotor is the perfect destination for people looking for authenticity and new experiences. Visit the fortifications of the Old Town, walk up to the tops of Kotor or explore Kotor Bay "Boka Kotorska", one of the most beautiful bays in Europe.

Kotor is an excellent holiday choice for those who cannot make up their mind whether to have an active or relaxing sunny holiday or discover heritage, culture and history, a family holiday or a romantic trip. Kotor is suitable for everyone. This year, forget about big capitals and go relax in Kotor, one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe.

Riga, Latvia

More trendy than ever, Riga is part of your travel bucket list again this year. Riga is a perfect destination to discover new horizons. Riga offers an unprecedented mix of architecture, history, modernity, trendy cafés and restaurants, shopping streets offering both traditional products and products by local designers.

Riga is a welcoming and dynamic city, a colourful and sparkling destination. This is the city you have to visit this year if you want to go mad on Instagram. Riga is also a perfect city for gourmets or architecture enthusiasts. Its old historic centre is full of traditional restaurants or fusion cuisine.

Riga is perfect for lovers, friends, singles, history buffs or just for people who want to relax and feel good. Riga is cut out for spa treatments and beauty procedures and you can do that in the very centre. When in Riga, a traditional Latvian bath is a must!

Florence, Italy

Florence is incomparable: its beauty, light and atmosphere will seduce you all. Florence has for centuries been inspiring the greatest artists who revolutionized the art world. The city has seen the birth of the greatest masterpieces ever produced by humankind. Its architecture is immensely rich and its museums, sculptures and paintings are known worldwide.

Florence is a city with roots and wings, a city that is at the forefront of sustainable development and creation. Florence is also very concerned about the future, the environment and major issues related to societal and environmental changes.

Discover Florence, its verdant hills and the incredible views which they offer. The wealthiest families, such as the Medici, made Florence the world capital of art and left the city an invaluable legacy. These treasures await you in one of the best European destinations.